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Audition Requirements

NEW STUDENTS are welcome in our WIND SYMPHONY!  Please contact us to schedule an audition.

 Woodwinds and Brass:

  • 2 octave chromatic scale – ascending and descending – beginning on low Bb
  • Major scales: C, F, Bb, Eb, G, D, A
    Woodwinds: two octaves, three when possible
    Brass: two octaves, one when not possible
  • One solo piece chosen by the student. See below for suggestions.
  • Short sight-reading excerpt.


  • One piece from the standard repertoire for the Timpani. Bring a copy for the adjudicator.
  • One piece from the standard repertoire for the Snare Drum (etudes acceptable). Bring a copy.
  • Be prepared to play a closed and/or open roll on the snare drum at various dynamics.
  • Sight reading


  • Two contrasting works chosen by the candidate. See below for suggestions.

Suggestions for the solo audition piece:

The piece should demonstrate your best ability at the moment. Preferably, it should show good fingering technique, control over the sound, the ability to play different dynamics, and using a wider range of your instruments.