🎵Beginner Violin/Cello Demo on June 25th!🎻

Audition Requirements

Woodwinds and Brass:

  • 2 octave chromatic scale – ascending and descending – starting on the note of candidate’s choice.
  • One solo piece chosen by the student. See below for suggestions.
  • Short sight-reading excerpt.
  • Prepared orchestral excerpt. See below to download.


  • Prepared orchestral excerpt for timpani. See below to download.
  • Short piece, or etude for Snare Drum. Be prepared to play a closed and/or open roll on the snare drum at various dynamics.
  • Short sight-reading excerpt.


  • Two contrasting works chosen by the candidate. See below for suggestions.
  • Prepared orchestral excerpt. See below to download.

Suggestions for the solo audition piece:

The piece should demonstrate your best ability at the moment. Preferably, it should show good fingering technique, control over the sound, the ability to play different dynamics, and using a wider range of your instruments. Consult with your private instructor in January,  to ensure that you have enough time to learn the entire piece, both technically and musically. Advanced repertoire needs more than a few weeks of practice to learn proficiently.

Audition Excerpts can be accessed in this folder