Orchestral Program

After completing the Prelude Program for beginners, students audition for four progressively challenging orchestras. Auditioning students are placed in an orchestra that will provide the right level of challenge for their skills, regardless of age. The programs include once-per-week rehearsals, several concerts, and opportunities for musical workshops and performance trips (we’ve traveled to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and held a camp in upstate NY!). The season runs from September through May.

Lakeland Strings

Conductor: Loni Bach

Playing Level: Ability to play and read notes on all four strings in First Position

The Lakeland Strings is the orchestra for our younger students, introducing them to the string orchestra. They perform different parts within the ensemble, including both melody and harmony, while learning the important contribution of each part and instrument. They improve their skills while learning new keys, dynamics, styles and techniques in ensemble playing.

Students have the opportunity to develop within the orchestra and advance from beginners to leaders of this group. There is a strong nucleus of players that help the group perform more challenging music at each concert. To assist the newest members of the Lakeland Strings, our Philharmonia and Symphony Orchestra players volunteer during each rehearsal to keep individuals from feeling lost or overwhelmed. These Big Brother/Big Sister mentors unite our groups and add to the family feeling, as well as inspire our younger members.

Youth Ensemble

Conductor: Carol Sharar

Playing Level: Ability to play fluently in First Position and some playing in Third Position

As our students mature and their skills improve, they are ready to learn about the many different styles and periods of music. Their education continues by exploring the historical and artistic evolution of string music. The wealth of music accessible to these students broadens their knowledge and challenges their technical skills at each performance. Working together to perfect a unified sound gives them cooperative team skills and the social connection so important in these adolescent years.

This is a full sounding orchestra with the musical ability to play a wide range of music and the discipline to focus on the material in a group setting. Each rehearsal is fun and informative and builds an ensemble with a unique sound and personality.

Lakeland Philharmonia

Conductor: Theresa Kemp

Playing Level, Intermediate: Violin & Viola, First- Fifth Position; Cello, First- Fourth Position; Bass, First- Fourth Position

Our High School students have been playing their instruments for many years and have experienced different ensembles and a variety of music. At this level, it is time to think about what music means to us personally, as a society now and in the past, and the role it plays in our daily lives as well as our futures. As we work together to create this art form each week, we look beyond the notes and rhythms to the impact and feeling of our music.   We learn how we can change both the message of a piece through performance and our environment through music.

Time is at a premium for most students at this age, and each rehearsal will be a valuable and enjoyable experience. Students need to be committed to this ensemble and the most dedicated students will be rewarded with leadership roles. This orchestra takes the student’s musical experience and skills and brings them to a more artistic and thoughtful level while playing some of the world’s most amazing string repertoire.

Lakeland Youth Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Sue On

Playing Level, Advanced: Violin & Viola, First-Seventh Position; Cello, First – Thumb Position; Bass, First – Thumb Position.

The Symphony Orchestra is a full symphonic orchestra that includes strings, brass, winds and percussion students.  Membership in the SO is reserved for outstanding players whose technical level is advanced, who show strong musicality and musicianship, and who are capable of the discipline necessary to perform in one of New Jersey’s premier youth orchestras.  Our students are challenged to look beyond the notes and rhythms to understand the impact and message of their music.