June 26 Open House

Thank you for joining us on Friday evening! Please see the replay video, and helpful links below. We started observing the Prelude 2 class, and some of those students stayed online to describe the games they play during normal classes! You get to know our instructors Ms. Angel Liu and Ms. On, and our education director, Ms. Carol Meiseles.

We also discussed a little bit about orchestras, in case your student is already taking private lessons. Keep scrolling down this page for links and tuition details.

Helpful Links

We’re always sharing videos of past performances, sneak peeks of rehearsals, and event information over on Facebook and Instagram — make sure to follow us, so you don’t miss anything!


Our classes run from September-July and include instrument rental during the Prelude years, whether they play violin, viola, or cello. The parent-assisted class is one-hour long each week, with games and activities to keep things moving. Lakeland also hosts 2 concerts and several local outreaches during the year. Cost is $595.

Those who RSVP’d for our open house will receive a $50 refund off tuition if you register by July 15th!

Available Class Times

  • Saturday 9am
  • Saturday 10am
  • Tuesday 6pm

Register here.