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FREE Virtual Enrichment Classes

Join the Lakeland Family on Tuesday evenings to learn a little more about music. Appropriate for all ages from beginner to advanced, and even parents of musicians!

Please RSVP to any you would be interested in, so we can send out the Zoom link each week and any supplementary materials.

6/23 Bryan Wilson “Learn to Improv”
Ever wanted to learn how to rock out on your instrument? Here’s your chance to learn improvisation and riff on top of chord progressions! RSVP Here

6/30 Carol Meiseles “What is the Circle of Fifths?”
In music theory, the circle of fifths keep the music world spinning round and round! Learn more about key signatures and how they are related. Bring your instrument! RSVP Here

7/7- Dan Wions “What’s it like as a Professional Musician”
Hear from Dan Wions, principal horn in the New York City Ballet, as he shares what it takes to make it as a professional musician and what it’s like to land your dream job in NYC! RSVP Here

7/14 Michael Rosin “Magical Musical History Tour”
Women and minority composers have been underrepresented in the music world for a long time. This is a time to learn more about them! RSVP Here

7/21 Liam Keller “The ‘BIG’ Violin a.k.a The Bass”
Ever wonder what that giant instrument is that stands in the back of an orchestra? Does the sound of a lower pitched instrument appeal to you?  Tune in to learn “All About the Bass”! RSVP Here

7/28 Graham Cohen “In the Life of a Juilliard Student”
Graham is a violist, composer, and a student at the prestigious The Juilliard School in NYC. Hear about his experience going to pre-college and converting from playing violin to viola! RSVP Here

8/4 Sue On & Rob Anderson “Communicating Without Words”
Instrumental music requires a lot of non-verbal communication. Learn how to breathe, give eye contact, to be in sync with your stand partner, section, or your conductor! RSVP Here