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May 22, 2021


Ms. Carol Meiseles, Education Director

Lakeland Strings

Allegro from “Concerto for Two Trumpets”
A. Vivaldi arr. J. Phillips

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
H. Arlen & Y. Harburg arr. M. Story

The Bronze Age
J. Woolstenhulme

Bow-town Blues
M. Williams


Faith Anderson, Sathvikha Bharanidharan, Ella Choudhuri, Max Cotter, Ananda Dhareshwar, Grayson Eory, Tiffany Guan, Esha Jain, Taran Katta, Aquila Munson, Aisha Patel, Arya Patel, Neha Reddy Pichipati, Zara Rebuli, Meridian Schwabacher, Skylar Schwartz, Saanvi Sethi, Abel Singh, Gage Steinmeyer, Nora Tuan, Steven Wu, Emma Yagci, Alice Yin


Kenzie Koekemoer


Lily Feist, Anabel Hsu, Scott Kerin

Student Mentors: Anna Heinrich
Piano: Sachi Choudhuri

Ms. Sue On

Youth Ensemble

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
J.S. Bach, arr. Merle Isaac

Themes from Moldau
B.Smetana, arr. Robert Frost

The Surfaris, arr. Dackow


Maddox Allen, Vedant Baijal, Sanjhana Bharanidharan, Olivia Drivas, Anastasia Feist, Alexandra Friedman, Noah Hsu, Sophie Kananeh, Luna Kim, Daniel Kim, Siyona Mehta, Rhea Menon, Lilah Merrick, Spencer Monagle, Seamus Murphy, Riya Nair, Jhil Patel, nysa patel, Ashwath Pillai, Padmini Pillala, Vasant Raghavan, Zachary Rivera, Alexa Rosenbaum, Chelli Senthil, Ruhi Shah, Jiah Shah, Selah Singh, Richa Vishwas, Ella Vuong


Thripura Arunraj, Max Hollick


Sanaa’ Allen, Sara Deodhar, Zachary Connor Falls, Elijah Feist, Audrey Meyer

Ms. Theresa Kemp

Lakeland Philharmonia

Suite from Don Juan
Christopher Gluck, arr. Robert McCashin
I. Sinfonia
II. Bourree
III. Gavotte

Richard Meyer


Carlos Ahuatzin, Macey Arnold, Arjun Badireddy, Kim Charlotte Jia, Trina Chatterjee, Caitlin Eng, Rhea Ann Fernando, Saoirse Flaherty, Allison Fung, William Gilmore, Abbie Hernandez, Annabella Leung, Olivia Faith Manga, Ethan Pang, Jiya Patel, Raihan Prakash, William Santucci, Isabella Savastano, Amelia Savastano, Leah Singh, Katie Streit, Anara Sullivan, Eesha Vavilala, Medha Vavilala, Sahithya Venkatesh


Laurily Merzatta


Taeyang Choi, Alexis Hongsukpant, Anish Mahapatra

Mr. eric mahl

Symphony Orchestra

Serenade for Strings
IV. Finale: Andante – Allegro Con Spirito
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Romanze for Violin & Orchestra
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Anna Heinrich, Concerto Contest Winner

Unfinished Symphony
I. Allegro Moderato
Franz Schubert

Hungarian Dance No. 5
Johannes Brahms


Anna Heinrich Concertmaster, Elizabeth Bazhenov, Niall Brennan, Romila Deodhar, Pranati Katta, Katie Kostak, Emma Krijger, Ilana Leshowitz, Christabella Leung*, Lucia Ludlam, Kaitlyn McNutt, Gabriel Nazario-Quiñones, Sarvesh Patham, Aaron Tong, Nikhil Vijay, Anjali Yarlagadda


Isha Dandekar*, Isabella Huang


Olivia Georgalas*, Carlos Ramirez

*denotes principal

Playathon 2021

Thank you for participating!

We raised over $3,000!


Elizabeth Bazhenov, Vedant Baijal, Kaitlin Barron, Aliyah Bilbao la Vieja, Niall Brennan, Trina Chatterjee, Max Cotter*, Isha Dandekar, Svetlana Feist, Elijah Feist, Naomi Feist, Olivia Georgalas, William Gilmore, Olive Gruswitz, Ally Harrison, Abigail Heinrich*, Anna Heinrich, Olivia Hoang, Noah Hsu, Isabella Huang, Vani Kaushal, Scott Kerin, Daniel Kim, Jia Kim, Luna Kim, Joshua Liu, Kaitlyn McNutt, Laurily Merzatta*, Ashwath Pillai, Vasant Raghavan, Carlos Ramirez, Isabella Savastano, Amelia Savastano, Skylar Schwartz, Chelli Senthil, Katie Streit*, Aaron Tong, Emma Yagci

*indicates highest fundraiser in their ensemble


Elizabeth Bazhenov

Elizabeth has been playing with Lakeland Youth Symphony for 3 years and will be studying Chemical-Engineering at MIT in the fall. She will be taking my violin to college and plans to play with the MIT Symphony Orchestra (MITSO) or with a chamber group.

Playing the violin has taught me the value of perseverance and collaboration to perform music together. I’ve learned to be patient with myself and others in solving problems, whether they are related to music or not. The common goal of becoming a better orchestra unites us as musicians. I would advise future students to never be afraid to ask for help when they need it. Lakeland is a supportive environment that encourages everyone to be the best, and reaching out for help is always welcome. It is also important to listen to others, both while playing in a large ensemble and in day-to-day interactions with fellow musicians. Finally, one must never be judgmental of other people. We are all here to learn and to have fun!

Katie Kostak


Isha Dandekar

Isha has been playing with Lakeland Youth Symphony for 6 years and will be attending Rutgers Honors College in the fall on a pre-medical track with plans to go to medical school. She will bring her violin with her to college and may have a minor in music. Her favorite memory with LYS was visiting all the historical sites of Boston on our field trip!

Playing my instrument has taught me to be patient and hardworking, but also to enjoy the little things in life, like a crescendo in a symphony or the satisfaction of mastering a hard passage. I would encourage students who follow me to enjoy their time in orchestra. Playing an instrument with a group of other students is a unique and beautiful experience, and you should savor every moment of it because music has the capability to change your life.”

Fall Auditions

We’ll be back in September with a wonderful musical experience for your children. New student auditions are June 16, and we would love to meet you!

Summer Programs

Transition Class

Tuesdays at 5:45pm in June/July For students interested in switching from violin to viola or cello

Summer Beginner Violin

Tuesdays at 5:45pm Beginner Strings Program: get started on the violin or cello in 7 summer sessions!