Dear Lakeland Strings:

You worked hard at Monday’s rehearsal.
Try to Practice – 
4 days for 15 minutes  this week.
Pick a different song and play the tricky SPOTS!

La Rejouissance
Measure 45 to END;  Work on upbow HOOKED Bowing.

Aspen Glow
Measure 52- to END;  Practice the eighth notes SLOWLY, then speed up.

Highland Song
Measure 45 – starts with cello solo 
Smooth, legato style;
WATCH  F# and C#

African Blessing
Measure 9 – 20 -Cello & Violins 2, 3 and Viola –   COUNT the eighth rest, then eighth note –  you are playing on the OFF BEAT.
Measure 29 to END;  melody in all parts except Violin 1 has countermelody.