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Sat 9am, 10, Tuesday 5pm

1.Practice pg.6-7 in Essential Elements Book. Make sure to stay silent on the quarter rests!

Note- please look only on page 2-4 of the following link for reference:

2. Pg.8, #19
3. Practice playing your G, D, A and E strings with the bow:


a) Keep the bow straight in between your bridge and fingerboard.

b) Garage doors (lifting/angling your right arm): E for closed door, A to let the skateboard out, D for the bike, and G for the minivan!

c) Make sure to keep a good bow hold the ENTIRE time you’re playing!


  1. Jingle Bells- pg.14
  2. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  3. D major scale- pg.11, #31-32
  4. Memorize Rolling Along