9am, 10am, Tuesday 5pm:

  1. Practice pizzicato (pluck) pg.4-5 in Essential Elements Book. Make sure to stay silent on the quarter rests!
  2. Finger taps like crab pinchers!
  3. Practice putting your violin in playing position.
  4. Tips: a) Wave โ€˜helloโ€™ to yourself, and make a โ€œVโ€ shape with your left hand. Put it under the neck, and align your โ€œVโ€ with your 1st finger sticker.b) Keep a straight thumb c) Make sure to have a mouse hole on the bottom of that โ€œV!โ€ d) No hot stove! e) Tuck the elbow under the violin.
  5. Practice holding your bow. (Use the link below for pictures.)

Note- please look on the following link for reference:



  1. Memorize Rolling Along pg.8, #19: Video here – Rolling Along
  2. Practice Seminole Chant pg.9, #21
  3. Jingle Bells- pg.14—- Jingle Bells Video
  4. Practice pg.10, #23-25
  5. Practice pg.11, #28, 31, 32
  6. Use the following link for reference- Playing position pics