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9am, 10am, Tuesday 5pm:

  1. Practice pizzicato (pluck) pg.4-5 in Essential Elements Book. Make sure to stay silent on the quarter rests!
  2. Finger taps like crab pinchers!
  3. Practice putting your violin in playing position.
  4. Tips: a) Wave ‘hello’ to yourself, and make a “V” shape with your left hand. Put it under the neck, and align your “V” with your 1st finger sticker.b) Keep a straight thumb c) Make sure to have a mouse hole on the bottom of that “V!” d) No hot stove! e) Tuck the elbow under the violin.
  5. Practice holding your bow. (Use the link below for pictures.)

Note- please look on the following link for reference:


  1. Memorize Rolling Along pg.8, #19: Video here – Rolling Along
  2. Practice Seminole Chant pg.9, #21
  3. Jingle Bells- pg.14—- Jingle Bells Video
  4. Practice pg.10, #23-25
  5. Practice pg.11, #28, 31, 32
  6. Use the following link for reference- Playing position pics