Prelude I (10am, 5pm)-

1.) Know the parts of your violin and bow (pg.2) of Essential Elements Book I.
2.) Practice resting position-remember to tuck the violin underneath your right elbow!
3.) Practice holding your violin in playing position and pizzicato (pluck) the E, D, A and G strings.
Note- please use the following link for reference:
Playing position pics

11am Prelude I

Practice your bow hold! Note- please look at the following link for reference:

Playing position pics

Tips for left hand:
a) Wave ‘hello’ to yourself, and make a “V” shape with your left hand. Put it under the neck, and align your “V” with your 1st finger sticker.
b) Keep a straight thumb
c) Make sure to have a mouse hole on the bottom of that “V!”
d) No hot stove! e) Tuck the elbow under the violin.

Bow Hold. Tip: make sure both your thumb and pinky are curved.

Tips for bow:
a) Keep the bow straight in between your bridge and fingerboard.
b) Garage doors (lifting/angling your right arm): E for closed door, A to let the skateboard out, D for the bike, and G for the minivan!
c) Make sure to keep a good bow hold the ENTIRE time you’re playing!

Rolling Along: watch this video: Rolling Along