Dear Symphony Orchestra students!

Please, make sure to prepare for rehearsal next Monday! All students should focus practice on the following measures in The Wasps: 11 before letter C to 3 before letter H. In addition, pay special attention to the following short excerpts!!!

Violin 1 – it is crucial that you work with private instructors and on your own on measures: 7 before E to 9 after E. Play slowly every note in the high positions (E to 5 after E) and gradually speed up to real tempo. These measures will need constant maintenance all the way to the concert.

Violin 2 – measures  4 before E to 9 after E. Check the bowing markings in your parts! Play with full bow and fast bow speed from E to 6 after E, then change to short bow off the string.

Viola – 8 before F to F. I suggest you play first the 4 measures in this excerpt detache, note per bow, in a slower tempo, so you can get the rhythmical idea. Then do 2 bows per measure slightly speeding up. Finally, go to 1 bow legato per measure as written. Definitely seek help from private instructors for this passage!

Cello – measures  4 before E to 9 after E. Be more focused on the measures 4 before E to E. Work very hard on intonation and fingering. Please, use help from private teachers! Also refresh the rhythm and articulation work we had done in measures G to 5 after G.

Bass – letter F to 5 after G. Get all the notes and rhythms. Work on bigger sound – as loud as you can possibly play!

Woodwinds – please focus on getting bigger sound, right notes and rhythm in the passage from 11 before letter C to letter D. Make sure to play correctly the dotted rhythm! No triplet when you have dotted 8 and 16 note. Clarinet (2nd clarinet part) and bassoon – please focus practice on these measures as well: 16 before letter F to 8 before letter F.